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A Scarecrow named Penny

Princess MOEvery night when she didn’t need to do her job anymore, she would go to target to buy a dress. penny was always wearing a different hat and a different dress and THAT was enough.

The crows never dared to go near the garden.The People always stared and thought that her dress changed color and design.But really, penny had a different dress each day. One night Penny got bored of just staying the same every day.More than anything, she wanted an adventure. The next morning, Penny decided that she was going on an adventure whether the people liked it or not. She was going to Hollywood. She took a bluebird for company. The bird’s name was Squacky. Eventually, Penny and Squacky arrived at the airport. The security guards were very surprised! They knew she was a real scarecrow. when she got on the plane, people stared but she was used to it by now. The kids loved her though.

She FINALLY got to the airport in Hollywood in 14 hours.Squacky ’s family arrived at the airport too! Walkie and Talkie were very excited to see Squacky. First they all went to a new dress shop. Then they went to best buy and got kindle fires. The next day, the four went to the pumpkin patch. it was now october. One day, the family that owned penny moved to hollywood. Penny rushed over to visit. The family was happy to have Penney back.they promised her that she could roam. So she did.

THE END[printfriendly]

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  1. Cory Ryan July 4, 2013 at 8:35 am #

    absolutely adorable! what an imagination! very impressive.

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