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What I expect from middle school

Author Age 12I am going to middle school in august so I was asked to write about what I expect from it so here it is. I am very very disappointed to say that I think there will be a lot more homework to do every night compared to the amount that I was getting in 6th grade. They say that they will have the new middle school built by august but we’ll see on that one. I think that I will have to be much quicker in between classes because of the fact that we will have to walk much further between classes.

I am pretty sure that we will have eight classes a day in middle school so I am not looking forward to carrying that much around. They already gave us too much stuff to carry when we only had three classes!!! One thing’s for sure: when I go shopping for school supplies with my parents I will definitely look for stuff that is light weight!!![printfriendly]

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