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Staying Positive

Family Christmas 2012We’ve recently spent a lot of time with our grown children and their spouses and families.  I can’t say enough about how I respect each and every one of them.  Our children and their spouses are wonderful in that they are committed to family.  They have upstanding and honorable careers and are continually upgrading their professional skills.  They are civic-minded, globally aware, and are upstanding, successful adults.  Our two grandkids are following in the same footsteps.  Completed research projects, authorships, taekwondo, and musical instrument skills are proof of their advanced pace. 

But one perspective I’ve noticed in the last few days is that, as blessed as we are, I am not always positive.  Thoughts about the economy, stress, work, too few hours of the day, or whatever, all compete for time in our conscious minds.

However, when our daughter and son-in-law left last week-end to go back to their home in another state, we realized again how blessed we are.  Then, after our son and daughter-in-law left our house last evening, I decided to write about it.  All of us experience negativity around us, but I am going to make more of a conscious effort into being positive about what is within my control.  Our country is blessed to have progressive, younger generations coming up that will have answers for many of the problems we face today.  Even trees don’t grow without pruning them every so often.

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