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Goals-Setting 2014 Ron & Shelli on balcony in downtown Phoenix

Healthy Living Goals-Setting for 2014

Goals-setting for 2014, a common practice this time of year.  Most of us reflect on what we have accomplished the previous year and determine what we would accomplish in the next.  Although many people go through the process of setting goals and then forget or completely dismiss them, sometimes the process is very helpful and productive.  […]

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Saving Money — Why it’s Important – Part II

In part one of this article, I wrote that many of us are not prepared for financial emergencies.  According to,  “28 percent of Americans say they have no rainy-day fund” and 49% “don’t have enough emergency savings to cover three months’ worth of expenses.”  In other words, even with the uncertainty in today’s murky financial […]

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Saving Money — Why it’s Important – Part I

Most of us are familiar with the idea of saving money, it can be in a traditional savings or money market account for emergencies.  This type of account can be used for unexpected expenses, or for expenses that cost more than we anticipated.  Although it’s known for adding safety to our financial wellbeing, it’s an […]

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Life Insurance as a Savings Vehicle

Recently, I’ve had the privilege of guest posting on one of my favorite personal finance blogs,  I wrote about short term and long term savings and how my husband and I have used whole life insurance policies to fund some of our purchases over the years.  Although whole life insurance isn’t usually considered a […]

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Personal Finance and Blogging

The business of blogging is offering a positive impact on the personal finance model for many today. When one researches the term ‘personal finance’ on the internet, it comes up 727,000,000 times in .24 seconds!  That’s not to say that all of these articles have the same information or even the same opinions – because they do not.  Some […]

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What if that Happened to ME??

Have you noticed, or is it just me, how many servers at restaurants are senior citizens?  How about baggers at the local grocery store?  Does it seem that more and more people of retirement age are working in the service industry than there used to be?  It could just be my perception, but it appears […]

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Pension Plans, 401ks, and Savings Accounts

The economic environment seems to be undergoing significant changes, and the baby boomers are on the front lines.  For that segment of the population, the outlook is increasingly challenging because there is less time to prepare for whatever’s coming.  It is a certainty that we will all need to know how to navigate the road […]

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