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Goals and Resolutions 2014 – Update #2


If you read my article on Goal Setting for 2014, you probably noticed that they are very broad.  For example, my “Health” goal includes basic such as healthy eating, getting some sort of physical exercise into the daily routine, and being involved in a hobby or activity you love.  What it does NOT mean is pushing physical limits beyond our capabilities.  It also does not mean changing your diet so dramatically that it inhibits your own physical well-being.

We are each individuals in so many mysterious ways.  We must cherry-pick different ideas as they become known to us because not everything will work for everyone.  Only we can know what we can accept as challenges to help us improve ourselves.  Improving our health is the art of continually discovering ways that help us feel challenged, inspired, and motivated to do more.  In that way, being healthy is as much physical as it is mental.

So, besides my ever-continuing goal of being healthy, my second constant is learning about wealth.  I’m not looking for ways to earn a ton of money.  I’m not looking for ways to never have a financial care again for the rest of my life.  However, what I am on the constant look-out for are ways to be financially aware of ways to be financial safe as much as possible in today’s economic environment.

When I first went back to college many, many years ago, I knew that I wanted to study investment because it’s always intrigued me.  I wanted to learn first-hand from a formally educated professor how to turn smaller household accounts and have them blossom into larger amounts, thus rewarding the habits of savers.  Over the course of the program, I didn’t just learn about saving and investing, but I also learned about global concepts, regulations, terminology, and economic policies.  For several years, I believed I had earned a well-rounded education on all things financial.

But, get this; I didn’t do this whole scenario once – I did it twice.  Yes, I’m one of those life-long learners who has continued to study for most of my adult life.  That is not a brag statement – far from it.  My point is that I’ve done what many people would perceive to be the right way to learn about a certain subject on how to do things.  But, from all of this learning, from what I perceive in everyday life, and from what I know and observe from friends and neighbors regarding this matter, I have determined (as most of you) that the overall basic concepts are fundamentally flawed for today’s market.

People are not in better financial standings than they were; far from it.  Many households in America are in much worse financial shape than they have ever been – and don’t know how to turn it around.  As a matter of fact, even for those who have current employment and are living within their means, their situations are precarious.  In other words, financial programs that are available today and are being promoted as being tools for the general public to use for growth, stability, and safety do not work.  Even the formal education concerning financial and economic factors, tools, and “solutions” are somehow fundamentally flawed when it comes to the consumer.

Although each of us is responsible and accountable for our own health and welfare, how can we plan?  How will we know what retirement vehicles are going to be around when we need them?  Where’s a safe place to put our savings?  These are questions that most of us have been asking, especially in light of the deteriorating economic environment of the past several years.

However, what if our financial health was dependent on getting back to basics?  What if saving really WAS the answer?  What if it was possible to change our way of thinking so that we would have more financial safety and security in lives?

Recently, Ron and I attended a seminar on this very subject.  And, as expected, because we’d read several of the main speakers’ books, this seminar gave us so much hope!  They didn’t dwell on the current doom and gloom in the economy.  No, there wasn’t time for that because the impetus was in finding answers for many of today’s financial problems.  The discussions offered solutions – not just possible recommendations.  The information would be suitable for almost every household, however, the main resounding focal point was that we’ve got to CHANGE OUR THINKING in order to find solutions!

I’ll be writing more on this in the next few months. For a free report titled “Turbo Charge Your Retirement” simply CLICK HERE!

Please let me know your thoughts and concerns about our current economic happenings. [printfriendly]

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