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Beach Town Australia – Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise is Beach Town Australia. It is one of the many beach towns located on the coastline in the region of Australian known as the Gold Coast.  However, what makes Surfers Paradise different than any of the other beach towns in this area is that it feels a lot more important.  It has a much larger “feel” to it.

Beach Town Australia - Surfers Paradise

Entrance to beach at Surfers Paradise in Queensland, Australia

Although not much larger in size or in population than the numerous other beach towns in this area, Surfers Paradise is distinctively different because of the multitude of gleaming residential high rises that dot its skyline.  There also seems to be a disproportional number of expensive resorts, wellness centers,  spas, high-end restaurants, and trendy shopping areas than most other beach towns along the Gold Coast.

Beach Town Australia - Surfers Paradise

Panorama of Surfers Paradise from the beach

Surfers Paradise is, quite obviously, a place that caters to the rich and famous.

But there we were, right at home in beach town Australia, nestled in our own timeshare resort just a quick five-minute walk from the magnificent beach.  Perhaps it’s needless to say, but we spent a lot of time in the water.  Imagine our surprise, when we found that most days we had the beach almost to ourselves during the week!  It was marvelous!  And the sparkling white sandy beaches were amazing!  There was no seaweed anywhere!  Also, no fishy or musty smells, and no trash!  As far as the eye could see, the shoreline was absolutely pristinely clean and the water was sparkling!

Beach Town Australia - Surfers Paradise

Lone girl walking on beach in Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia

During the first week of our Australian adventure, we got to know our way around Surfers Paradise fairly well.  We found an awesome pancake house, a trendy barbeque eatery where we sat in front of a huge rock outdoor fireplace, and a wonderful organic pizza place.

We loved our time in Paradise because, not only was it close to the beach, it also served as a hub for many of our sightseeing and recreational adventures.  This small city is close to everything our family wanted to see while we were in this huge province of Queensland — the Tamborine Rainforest, the many world-famous communities and beaches that make up the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, and, of course, the Great Barrier Reef.

South to Coolangatta Located on the border near its twin town of Tweed Heads

Beach Town Australia - Surfers Paradise

Looking south from Sufers Paradise to Coolangatta, Queensland, Australia

During one of our non-beach days, we took a drive to see some of the coastline sights south of Paradise.  We headed towards Tweed Heads and ended up in Coolangatta.  Although we didn’t drive that far of a distance, we stopped all along the way to visit little coastline shops, farmers markets, souvenir shops, and artisan galleries.

Beach Town Australia - Surfers Paradise

Farmers market on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia

In Coolangatta, we stopped for lunch and, since the kids were hungry for Italian food, that’s what we looked for.  We found an adorable Italian restaurant right on the main street.  It just happened to be a fine-dining place, complete with white table linens and pricey entrees

Beach Town Australia - Surfers Paradise

Italian food in Coolangatta, Australia

– except for their menu offered during the day.  This elegant restaurant in Coolangatta offers formal dining in the evening, but caters to the locals, surfers, kayakers, nature lovers, and sightseers during the day.  It was an awesome experience and an awesome restaurant that totally specialized in deliciousness!

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