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Duolingo: an Easy Way to Learn a Foreign Language

duoLingoDuolingo is one of the coolest ways that I’ve found to learn a foreign language!  There are loads of foreign language choices and it takes very little time out of your busy day.  Plus, it’s completely FREE to join!

You have to sign up to join, and you can do that using your email, Google, or Facebook.  Then it will ask you to set up a password.  After familiarizing yourself with the website, you can begin with the first lesson, or, if you already are somewhat familiar with the foreign language, the program will let you skip to higher levels.  However, before the program will let you go to the next level, you have to pass the short tests.  Because the lessons incorporate hearing the text, seeing it in writing, and also requires you to type in short phrases or sentences, you’ll be fully “immersed” in whatever language you’ve chose to study.

So far, the lessons that I’ve completed take about 10 to 15 minutes, so I’ve been studying Spanish during my lunch break.  I only started a couple of weeks ago and I’m already finished with the first three lessons.  It’s a fairly convenient and easy way to learn a new language!

Let me know if you decide to start this program; I’d love to hear what language you’re going to study.[printfriendly]

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2 Responses to Duolingo: an Easy Way to Learn a Foreign Language

  1. Valerie April 27, 2014 at 6:08 pm #

    I have used Rosetta Stone before and I like it a lot, I just need more hours in the day! It sounds like these are quick lessons, which is a bonus. Would this work to learn basics when traveling to another country? Simple sayings go a long way toward enhancing the experience of another country. I am excited about checking this website out. Thanks for the tip Shelli!

    • mm
      Shelli Elledge May 27, 2014 at 9:56 am #

      Yes, the site also offers quick phrases for learning the basics. Some of the levels are more progressive than others so I’ve had to repeat a couple of lessons. They site even sends you email reminders if you miss a day!!

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