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Getting Back to Our Roots or Re-inventing Ourselves?

OCG-006retouchWhen I was young, I grew up in an environment that emphasized wellness and healthy living. Although the lifestyle was slower-paced, the expectation was that of being resourceful and hard-working. It was also important to be proficient in some type of physical activities. It was a “work hard, play hard” environment that has always had an impact on my life even today.

Since I grew up during a period of time when physical education classes were required, my classmates and I were in PE classes several days per week. As is mentioned above, the small-town community placed an importance on being active and physically fit, so my classmates and I were whole-hearted participants. It is from these teen-age years that I began to see the importance of health and wellness because of the impact our PE teacher had instilled on her students.

This PE teacher was wonderful! She was in great shape and always looked professional. She treated her students well, and made physical activity an art. She made the class interesting by challenging us with new routines in dance, aerobics, yoga, gymnastics and all kinds of team sports. Since I was always fairly scrawny as a teen-ager, it was difficult for me to be aggressive in competitive sports however, I loved activities that we learned in class that we could also could do on our own. Hence, my love for yoga I still attribute to my PE teacher from high school!

The types of yoga stretches that I do are pretty basic. First thing in the morning, five days per week, in a matter of 30 to 40 minutes, I do basic yoga stretches for arms, trunk, hips, legs and back, 30 abdominal crunches, 20 squats and 20 to 30 lunges. Although I’ve added a few floor exercises to this routine, the yoga poses are basically the same ones that I have done since high school. This routine has served to keep me stretched out.

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