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How We Started our Blog BlogWhen writtenFYI was first started, we had very little experience with anything having to do with blogging.  However, we had a full life to share and the desire to inspire healthy eating and world travel in others.  The idea was to maintain a schedule for writing projects that we had talked about and never completed.  We thought we understood that a blog would not only provide a platform to keep pictures and articles together, but it would also require updating on a regular basis.  However, as “newbie” bloggers, we found it overwhelming at times to learn the technology, obtain the proper set-up, purchase the required components, and still have time to prepare and post.

That’s when we decided to start researching other websites and try to determine what was missing in ours.  We would “google” different terms to bring up other blog forums that would provide us with how-to and hands-on information.

As we discovered, there’s more than a lot of information out there.  There are sites written by experts and sites written by non-experts.  Some are written from a professional stand-point and have extensive links, graphs, and calculators, and others are more entertaining, but lack depth and any evidence of fact-finding.

Our favorites, however, were blogs with a combination of helpful information and interesting insight.  They are blogs that are not so serious as to weight the reader down, but instead draw the reader in with a personalized style of writing.

Of the appealing websites, several had been particularly helpful for us as we started our own site.  Some of these sites had to do with personal finance, some focused on technology, and some were especially interesting travel sites.  And, as I mentioned in an earlier post, Budgeting in the Fun Stuff is one of my favorite sites.  However, today I want to introduce another valuable resource site.

L Bee and the Money Tree is another site that contains interesting and well-written content.  One of my favorite articles is, Debt: the Great Anchor.  Although there are several posts on this page, be sure to read this article because it’s an eye-opening depiction of how debt is a weight, and how that weight consumes personal resources.  On the menu at the top of the page, there is also an opportunity to connect with Lauren for consulting purposes.

Lauren has been consulting for us to improve our blog for the past couple of months.  Not only has she assisted us with information on taglines and topic focus, but she’s also provided us with information on banner ad location, blog colors, subsection headings, and overall appearance of the blog.  In short, we’ve seen a remarkable improvement in the look and “feel” of the blog in a very short amount of time.

For anyone who is interested in working with Lauren, she’s great to work with.  She’s very professional, makes sure every detail is spelled out so that there’s no confusion, and provides an estimated timeline for the project.  She’s also generous with her time and makes herself available to answer questions for her clients.  If you need assistance with a blog or setting up social networking, Lauren is a valuable resource!  She can be reached by clicking this link or by visiting

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