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Veggie Fajitas, Bell Pepper, Mushroom, and Onion

Veggie FajitasVeggie Fajitas are a popular choice at our house and this recipe is ready in a matter of a few minutes.  It is an easily-adaptable dish for all family members – vegetarian or not.   Just slice one pound of fresh chicken or beef into thin strips, saute in a separate skillet, and add the fajita vegetable mix below! 

List of ingredients for Veggie Fajitas:

1 medium onion – chopped

4 cloves fresh garlic – chopped

1 large red or yellow bell pepper – cut into strips

1 medium Anaheim pepper – diced, or 1 4-oz can chopped jalapenos

1 8-oz package fresh mushrooms – sliced

Shredded lettuce or spinach

Salsa or diced fresh tomatoes

2 15-oz cans black beans – rinsed and heated

Whole wheat or sprouted grain tortillas

In large skillet, saute onions and garlic on medium for 1 to 2 minutes.  Stir occasionally to keep from sticking.  Add bell pepper strips, diced Anaheim pepper or canned jalapenos, and mushrooms.  Cook for 4 to 5 minutes, or until vegetables are heated through but are still slightly crisp.  In a separate dish, heat black beans until heated through.

To serve, place cooked vegetables in tortilla and top with shredded lettuce or spinach and salsa or tomatoes.   Serve with black beans on the side.  Delicious!  Serves 3 – 4.

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    […] Veggie tacos or fajitas:  To save time, chop the veggies ahead of time.  That way, they only need to be sautéed when you get home.  This shortens prep time so that the meal will be ready within a few minutes from when you walked in the door.  The mushrooms are protein-packed so are a wonderful meat replacement.  For variety, try freshly chopped zucchini squash, par-boiled and diced potatoes, fresh cilantro, freshly squeezed lime juice, and/or dairy-free sour cream for extra creaminess. […]

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