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Staying Positive

We’ve recently spent a lot of time with our grown children and their spouses and families.  I can’t say enough about how I respect each and every one of them.  Our children and their spouses are wonderful in that they are committed to family.  They have upstanding and honorable careers and are continually upgrading their professional […]

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Healthy Eating Choices and OILS!

Recently, an article was published on the internet stating that fish and fish oils have been linked to an increased risk for developing certain types of cancer. Although this headline is disturbing enough, the article points out that these foods may have little (if any) benefit on heart disease – which is the main reason […]

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Stages of Healthy-Style Eating

Over the years, we’ve always been conscious about eating the right things, however, it has become obvious that we weren’t doing all that we could to maintain or even improve our overall health.  When we first decided to eat less red meat and eat more healthy forms of dairy (such as yogurt), as well as […]

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Veggie Tacos

A farmers’ market is a wonderful place!  On Saturday mornings, we bike to the downtown open-air market where we purchase locally grown, organic produce for a fraction of the price we would find it in supermarkets.  A seasonal palette of vegetables and fruits is a feast for the senses, so it’s never boring or difficult […]

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